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Nom:pilote traceur hp designjet 510
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The possible cause could be: 1. The Electronics Module is requesting a move to the Service Station while the previous move is still being completed. The Electronics Module Cooling Fan has reached its current limit. The interruptions from the Scan-Axis servo or from the Paper-Axis servo are not coming as regularly as they are expected or are coming too late. Switch the Printer On again and check if the Error Code has disappeared. Observation : Switch the Printer Off and wait a few minutes.

Formatter failure. Code erreur : Problème : Front Panel cannot be detected. Observation : Reconnect the Front Panel. Code erreur : Problème : Trailing Cable badly connected. Observation : Reconnect the Trailing Cable correctly. Code erreur : Problème : Problem with setting the voltage of the Printheads. Observation : Check that the Trailing Cable is connected correctly at both ends. Replace ALL the Printheads. The steps counted by the Service Station motor are not consistent with the expected length of the current movement.

The Aerosol Fan has reached its maximum current limit. The Service Station motor has shutdown because of blockage. Observation : Reconnect the Service Station Assembly. Reposition the Service Station trip lever. Code erreur : Problème : Ink Supply Station failure.

One of the out-of-ink sensors located in the Ink Supply Station is not reporting what it should during the initializing process while depressurizing. Observation : Reconnect the Vacuum Fan. If the Error Code reappears, check for a new Firmware release. Code erreur : Problème : Error Processing Job. Switch the Printer On again and resend the file that you were trying to print.

Code erreur : Problème : Out of Memory problem. This may slow down print speed. Code erreur : Problème : Servo Error.

If the problem persists, replace the Encoder Disk Assembly. Observation : Perform the Paper Advance Test. Code erreur : Problème : Paper-Axis Encoder error.

Observation : Too much friction in the Slider Rod. Enter the Printer Information utility and check the Scan-Axis usage. The Carriage is bumping into the Service Station. If the carriage is stuck at the right hand side of the Printer and cannot be moved out to the center of the Print Platen it is because the Service Station cannot uncap the Printheads. If a leak is evident there is ink on Printer components , replace the Ink Supply Tubes Perform the Prime Tubes utility and check how long it takes to complete the procedure.

If it takes too long to complete the procedure and there is no leak in the Printer, then replace the Ink Cartridges. If it takes a short time to complete the procedure, then replace the Ink Supply Tubes.


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