Premièrement je déclare que Sami Youssef est mon chanteur préféré et je pense que c'est la même chose pour la plupart. J'ai adoré tous les sujets qu'il choisit pour ses merveilleuses chanson. Qu'Allah vous protège pour votre famille et je vous assure que toutes les filles musulmanes souhaitent avoir un mari comme vous bref je vous souhaite tout le bien qui soit au monde merci beaucoup. Je trouve aussi qu'il chante bien et qu'il est entrain d'envoyer un message pour les non musulmans qui parle la langue anglaise que l'islam n'étais jamais une religion de terrorisme ni de violence, au contraire c'est une religion de paix-fraternité en suivant notre prophète MOHAMED.

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What Does "Islam" Mean? The word "Islam" itself means "Submission to Allah. Similarly, Islam is not named after a tribe like "Judaism" after the tribe of Judah and "Hinduism" after the Hindus. The Arabic word "Islam" means the submission or surrender of one's will to the will of the only true god worthy of worship, "Allah" known as God "the Father" in Christianity.

Anyone who does indeed submit to the will of Allah as required by Islam is termed a "Muslim," which means one who has submitted to the will of Allah. Many people in the West have developed the sad misinformed trend of calling Islam "Muhammadenism" and it's followers "Muhammadins. No Muslim has ever called his religion "Muhammadenism" or called himself a "Muhammadin. Islam teaches us that this life is a life of worship. We are placed on this earth in order to worship Allah and obey His command.

During this earthly life we are subjected to a series of trials. We have the option of enduring these trials and conforming to certain laws, and our reward will be great in the next life, or we may decline to endure these trials and choose to not conform to the law, then we will be made to regret it in the next life.

Each person will be solely and completely responsible for their own final reward. We are also told that God has designed these laws to make this life a better, safer, and more tolerable one for us.

If we elect to conform to them then we will see the result in this life even before moving on to the next. We are told that the earthly life is a life of faith and work, and the next life is one of reward and no work. We have been placed on this earth to worship God, fast, pray, be industrious, good, kind, respectful, and a source of uprightness and morality.

We are told that God has no need of our worship. Our worship can not increase the kingdom of God nor add to His power, however, it is in our best interests both in this life and the next that we do. Unlike some other religions which claim that God entered in a covenant with a certain group of people and that this group is genetically better than all other human beings, or closer to God, Islam on the other hand teaches that no color, race, tribe, or lineage is better than any other.

Islam teaches that all humans are equal in the sight of Allah and that the only thing that can distinguish them in His sight is their piety and worship. We have created you from a male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that you may know one another. Allah is The Knower, The Aware. Levels of Islam Islam consists of three levels, each building upon the lower ones.


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